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About Tremont steel

Michael Hogan Tremont Steel Chicago

Michael Hogan founded Tremont Steel in 2010 when he was living in the historic South End of Boston. He moved into a beautiful loft apartment that was rich with original architectural features from the 1850s. When it came time to choose furniture, he grew frustrated with the available options. He was looking for affordable, well-built items made with raw materials that were simply designed yet functional. The options were limited and every contending piece was lacking in one or more crucial areas. With the welding and woodworking skills he acquired from his father, and a background in design, Tremont Steel was created.

Today, Michael resides in Chicago with his well established workshop where he continues to make furniture. He has designed and built various pieces for residential and commercial spaces. He works primariy with steel, reclaimed wood, various hardwoods, concrete and glass. He custom designs furniture to meet a client's needs, or creates a piece inspired by something in his image gallery. If you're interested in owning an item you've seen here or have an idea you'd like to bring to life, contact us today.